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Amanda- Ipoh girl, an advocate for mental health issue

1. Tell us about yourself.  Well let’s just keep this simple and sweet. I am Amanda, Ipoh born girl but currently living in KL. 24 this year. I graduated with

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Mable- our very next actress to be!

1. Tell us about yourself.  I am quite flexible in terms of personality, be it easy going or strict to my own principle, it simply depends on the situation encountered. Outgoing

Lifestyle 391

Seven Kecik- an aspiring book Author

1. Tell me about yourself.   Nama saya Mieza. Tapi lebih selesa digelar ‘kecik’ dalam media sosial. Berumur 22 tahun dan tinggal di Shah Alam, Malaysia. Pelajar lulusan Sijil Aplikasi

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Lala Rahim- a great cook & writer

1. Tell me about yourself. Describe yourself. I’m Lala Rahim, Lala is what people know me because my name is easier to remember and pronounce. I was born on 29th

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Siti- Lifestyle Blogger

1. Tell me about yourself.  Nama saya Siti Nadia Bte Johari. Umur saya 29 Tahun. Saya telah menamatkan pelajaran dan mendapat Ijazah Sarjana Muda Keusahawanan di Universiti Utara Malaysia. Saya

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Sylvia- Beautiful Mommy & beauty blogger

1. Tell us about yourself.  I am Sylvia Lye, a Blogger who love to share about my life story, beauty, fashion, creative idea and family. I am a mother of

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Linda yee- Mommy with a big heart

1. Tell me about yourself.  I am a mommy blogger with 2 young children. I love to travel and try new things. My first blog was in 2009 but I

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Marc Soon- Interesting blogging life

1. Tell me about yourself.  My name is Marc Soon and I am 25 years old this year. Currently pursuing my study at Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). I started my

Lifestyle 493

Charmaine Pua- Tall Piscean girl!

1. Tell me about yourself.  Hello, I’m Charmaine Pua, a lifestyle blogger based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’ve been blogging at since 2009. That’s 8 years ago! From my

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Racheal- What a ‘yummy’ chat with

1. Tell us about yourself.  Well, to describe myself. This is the awkward part. My height and my weight perhaps?  Make it short in. I am a person who always