Alora- Follow your dreams

Alora- Follow your dreams

May 31, 2018
Janice Yong
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Mar, 2017
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    Janice is a content writer and editor on Famehitz. She dedicates her time to create great content that revolves around Beauty, Fashion, Business and Fitness in hopes to inspire people from all around the world. Previously, she has participated actively in modelling and beauty pageants that make her more familiar with how creative industry works in general. On top of that, Janice also interviewed some of the renowned bloggers & talents that you can read up on Famehitz. In the near future, she aims to be a successful entrepreneur and contribute a helping hand to the society.

    1. Tell us about yourself.

    I am a 19 year old 6’3, wholesome, loving, kind hearted, woman. I was born in Templeton California on January 1st 1999, I was the first baby of the year in 3 counties. I lived with my mother and father, older brother and younger sister in Arroyo Grande CA till the age of 5. When my parents divorced my mother, I’ve moved myself and my siblings all around, starting in Texas and then our final destination for 8 years Independence in Missouri. While i was in Missouri I saw my first live production at our local children’s theatre and I fell in love! I was on the edge of my seat the whole performance and I remember telling my mother that acting is what I want to pursue and do for the rest of my life! So I started doing community theatre and then that led to school theatre and then completion acting and then I started pursuing modelling. I have been modelling since the age of 14. Because I am tall I was asked to model for several local businesses in my home town. My 8th grade year my family lost our home in Missouri to a fire. So we had no where else to turn so my mother sister and I moved back to the central coast. Since being back I lost the passion for acting for a year and my freshman year of high school I did many sports and was miserable! Because that isn’t what made me happy. So my junior year I auditioned for our high School production of Addams Family and I got the lead role of Morticia Addams. Since the I have nailed the lead role of every high school production we put on. I also was granted a full scholarship to train on broadway for 2 weeks back in the summer of 2016. When I graduated high school back in 2017 I worked 4 jobs during the summer to save up to move to LA to pursue. My dreams even further. I have been ins LA since January 4th of 2018 and the rest is history.

    2. What is your childhood dream? Did you make it happen?

    My childhood dream was to make sure I stood up for myself and to pursue what made me happy no matter what, And that is to be the best actress I can be and to see where that will take me. I just want to wake up everyday doing the thing that makes me happy. And so far I am living and accomplishing that dream.

    3. Describe how you first get into being a model? Is being a model your full time job?

    Growing up social media was never as huge as it is now, but for auditions and opportunities it is such an important tool. I just started posting pictures of the shoots I am doing and the sets I am on and people just started following along on my journey. I want to inspire others and show that anything is possible. Being a social media model is not my full time job yet, I work 8 part time jobs in order to pay my bills while chasing my dream.

    4. Do you have other passion to pursue?

    My passion is Acting. I love to create and make art. Also with my modeling I love to create shapes with my body and make something new that no one else has seen before. My passion is to inspire.

    5. What type of model you would describe yourself as? Any tips for being a model?

    I would describe myself as a high fashion model. I love Avant guard and lines in my body and creating different looks. Tips on being a model is to be yourself and to know your body and your self and to know your angels.

    6. What does the word success means to you?

    The word success means to me, happiness and being ok with where you are in life and knowing that whatever you achieve is a success. Theres no limit on success or definition on success.

    7. What is your mantra for living?

    My mantra for living is being the best person I can be and to be on your own team and to love yourself and know you worth.

    8. If you are given a million dollars, what would you do with that money?

    If I had 1 million dollars I would donate some to the make a wish foundation. And then I would create a children community theatre back in my home town. I would then buy my mother a house and then make sure my family is set and then purchase my own place.

    9. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought in your life? and why?

    The most expensive thing I have purchased in my life so far is my car. I was involved in a hit and run a few months back and I had to purchase an new car. That has been my largest expense.

    10. What is your proudest achievement or accomplishment you have achieved in life?

    My proudest achievement so far in life is moving out on my own and pursuing my dreams and working hard. Also training on broadway.

    12. What would you say that is the biggest challenge about being a model?

    My biggest challenge about being a model is my height. I keep being told I am to tall. But I know that there is someone out there looking for my look and that I just need to keep pursuing my dreams.

    13. If you are given a chance to invent something, what would it be?

    If I could invent something it would be a way to have people always love themselves and feel confident and know there worth.

    14. If you have a magic ward, what is the one thing you would ask for and why?

    If I had a magic wand I would ask for security, I would ask to know that whatever I where to pursue I would be secure and not have to worry about money.

    15. What advice would you give to other aspiring model out there? Any general advice to those have big dreams?

    My advice would be to hustle everyday, work hard, never give up , trust yourself, follow your dreams and love your self!



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