Carinn- Honesty & trustwortiness

Carinn- Honesty & trustwortiness

March 14, 2018
Janice Yong
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    Janice is a content writer and editor on Famehitz. She dedicates her time to create great content that revolves around Beauty, Fashion, Business and Fitness in hopes to inspire people from all around the world. Previously, she has participated actively in modelling and beauty pageants that make her more familiar with how creative industry works in general. On top of that, Janice also interviewed some of the renowned bloggers & talents that you can read up on Famehitz. In the near future, she aims to be a successful entrepreneur and contribute a helping hand to the society.

    1. Tell us about yourself. 

    My name is Carinn (pronounced care-rynn, hence my social media handles), I just turned 25 and I blog at

    2. What is your childhood dream? Did you make it happen? 

    One of my childhood dreams was to travel the world. I’ve only been to 10 countries so far so I don’t think I’ve achieved it yet! There’s still many places that I’d like to explore!

    3. Describe how you first get into being a social media influencer/blogger? Is being a social media influencer/ blogger your full time job?

    I am a self-proclaimed shopping queen, so people around me tend to consult me on what is the best brands or products around. I then decided to just write down these information on a blog so that it’s easier to share my interests. I am a part-time blogger and a freelance copywriter. Because of my love of writing and social media as well as my field of studies, I am currently working as a Copywriting & Marketing Lead where I handle a handful of digital marketing projects for my clients.

    4. Do you have other passion to pursue?

    My biggest passion would be fashion and beauty. I would love to pursue a job in and eventually start a business revolving around these two categories.

    5. What type of influencer/blogger you would describe yourself as? 

    I would describe myself as more of a fashion and beauty blogger and micro-influencer. However, you can also find a lot of travel and food posts on my social media cos I just love to “jalan-jalan cari makan”!

    6. What does the word success means to you? 

    “Success” to me is to be able to do the things that you are passionate about, that brings you enough joy to wake up every day and pursue your dreams. If your passion and skills pays the bills as well, that’s a big bonus.

    7. What values are most important to you?

    Honesty and trustworthiness is especially important as a blogger, because it will be what keeps the readers coming.

    8. If you are given a million dollars, what would you do with that money?

    Fulfil my childhood dreams and jet off around the world for my travels!

    9. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought in your life? and why?

    The most expensive thing I’ve bought is also the most important – my MacBook. I need to use it literally every day for my job(s)!

    10. What is your proudest achievement or accomplishment you have achieved in life?

    Being able to purchase all the things that I want without relying on others.

    11. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers/ influencers and why? Who would you love to collaborate with?

    Too many to name, but my ultimate favourite is Soimjenn! I would love to meet her someday cos she seems so friendly and full of ideas!

    12. What would you say that is the biggest challenge about being a influencer?

    The biggest challenge would be clients and influencers themselves focusing too much on numbers that the essence of the job is no longer there. There are too many cases of people “buying likes and followers”, that it just doesn’t seem real anymore. Also, many influencers tend to undermine their own capability and accept jobs that do not complement their level of effort, which I think should not be the case. All of us work hard to get to where we are today, it’s not pleasant to see that the rewards do not match the effort.

    13. If you are given a chance to invent something, what would it be?

    Maybe a time traveling machine so that I could go back in time and relive all the less-stressful moments and so that I can control time better so that I have enough time in a day to complete all my tasks..

    14. If you have a magic ward, what is the one thing you would ask for and why?

    More time in a day, please!

    15. What advice would you give to other aspiring influencers? any general advice to those have big dreams? 

    Always remember the reason why you started out in the first place and never lose that direction. Is it for passion, or fame, or money? Whatever it is, just work hard towards your goal and you will get there, slowly but surely.



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