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Miss Arnab- Beauty Blogger

1. Tell us about yourself.  My name is Maggie Foh and I’m a beauty blogger based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Besides of managing my beauty blog — Miss Arnab, I

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Lala Rahim- a great cook & writer

1. Tell me about yourself. Describe yourself. I’m Lala Rahim, Lala is what people know me because my name is easier to remember and pronounce. I was born on 29th

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Sylvia- Beautiful Mommy & beauty blogger

1. Tell us about yourself.  I am Sylvia Lye, a Blogger who love to share about my life story, beauty, fashion, creative idea and family. I am a mother of

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Nasyitah- a date with nasyitah

1. Tell me about yourself.  Hai I’m Nasyitah Hamzah and I’m from Penang, Malaysia. I’m 23 years old this year and currently studying in UMS Labuan International Campus and pursuing

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Yvonne Chong- Transform your beauty with Yvonne

1. Tell us about yourself. I am yvonne chong, from seremban. This my fb page~~ 2.What’s your childhood dream? I like to share and exchange my knowledge with others. Childhood

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Regina- Beautiful Journey with Regina

1. Tell us about yourself. I am Regina Xin. I had learned my make up skill from Korean. I love to help them look much prettier and become more confident.

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Gwenda Wong- An interesting interview with Gwenda

1. Tell us about yourself. I’m Gwenda, a make up artist with experience approaching a decade and i’m based in KK. I am also the founder and head trainer of

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Abby Foo- Get to know Abby

1. Tell us about yourself. I’m Abby Foo, I’ve passion in transforming woman into their best look in their special occasion. Currently, I have partnership with a group of professional makeup