Photography 249

Tripping Macao

Macao is almost like a twin of Hong Kong as most people usually visit both at the same time. Yet, they are very very different; HK’s has a much faster

Photography 235

Tripping Hong Kong

Hong Kong… one of my favourite city! My love for dim sum and egg tarts, toy hunting and shopping are some of the main reasons I have always yearn for

Photography 181

Edwin- Life With Edwin

1. Tell me a little about yourself. Describe. With Recent awarded as Gold Award in Smart Phone Portrait Category in PPAC , Macau 2017, 2nd place in Wedding Category in LOUPE

Photography 157

GGies- inspiring talk with GGies

1) Tell me a little about yourself.  Usually people call me Colby. Born in 1991, Labuan. Currently work in a commercial based photography studio. I’d describe myself as an aggressive

Photography 155

GGies-Ron + Alexis . gGiEs

                    Model: Ron Tan & Alexis Make Up & Hair do: William Yap Assistant: Wee Siang

Photography 168

GGies- Panda feat GGies


Photography 141

GGies- Olivia feat GGies

          Nikon D3 + 50mm f/1.4

Photography 176

Aun Shots- J|N

                  Model : Jessmund Teo & Natalie Chiaw Make up artist : MEC Studio – Susan Chan

Photography 146

Aun Shots- Blue & Orange

        Client // Beach Daze Wardrobe // Beach Daze Photographer // Aunshots.      

Photography 162

Aun Chua- On Mustard

              Client // Vetement1163 Wardrobe // Vetement1163 Photographer // Aun Talent // Bryan & Orange

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