Kai Han- Dream. Create. Achieve. Inspire

Kai Han- Dream. Create. Achieve. Inspire

January 22, 2018
Janice Yong
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    Janice is a content writer and editor on Famehitz. She dedicates her time to create great content that revolves around Beauty, Fashion, Business and Fitness in hopes to inspire people from all around the world. Previously, she has participated actively in modelling and beauty pageants that make her more familiar with how creative industry works in general. On top of that, Janice also interviewed some of the renowned bloggers & talents that you can read up on Famehitz. In the near future, she aims to be a successful entrepreneur and contribute a helping hand to the society.

    1. Tell us about yourself.

    My name is Gan Kai Han, born on the 21st of July 1993 in Jerantut, Pahang but was raised up in the state of Kelantan. I have a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Universiti Tekonologi Petronas and am currently working with Gamuda Berhad in SSP Line 2 MRT Project as a civil engineer. I have two elder brothers (the eldest one is residing in Mongolia and another one in KL) and both my parents are currently residing in Kuala Krai, Kelantan.

    2. What is your childhood dream? Did you make it happen?

    I’ve always dream of being somebody who can influence and inspire everyone around me to be better since young. I’m quite glad that this childhood dream of mine almost came true ever since I took part in Man Hunt Malaysia 2017.

    3. What is your passion? What do you do for a living, is it related to your passion?

    My passion has always been being physically active. It is definitely important to chase after your own passion because that is what brings us forward in life. I believe that we all have one mission on earth, which is to discover your passion and pursue dreams in life. This is why I am here today, because of my PASSION.

    4. Share your experience for being one of the contestants of Manhunt. Given a chance would you participate in any male pageant again and why?

    My experience in Man Hunt Malaysia was awesome. The biggest challenge has always been to step out of my own comfort zone and to present myself in public. With that being said, the main reason I joined this competition is to challenge myself to be a better version of myself, because there is one saying which goes like, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it will never change you.” I’ve gained so many things from this competition that i will never forget, from workshops to photo shoots and of course all those wonderful people that I’ve met throughout the journey. If given a chance, I doubt that i will ever participate in another male pageant but who knows what will happen in the future, right? haha!

    5. What does the word success means to you?

    The word “success” is simple for me, if you have a passion or dreams, go after them, pursue them no matter what challenges there are along the way, one day, you will achieve what you want. That, is success.

    6. If you are given a million dollars, what would you do with that money?

    If i were given a million dollars, first I would buy something that is meaningful or useful to all the important ones around me, that have help nurtured me into who I am today. This is because I think I won’t be where I am today without them. Besides that, I would definitely donate the rest to all the charity around the world. There are so many unfortunate ones all around the world nowadays. You will never know how lucky or fortunate you are until you’ve visited some of the orphanages and other undeveloped or third world countries. They needed those money a lot more than I do.

    7. How do you keep up with such a great body? Any tips to your readers/fans?

    To keep up with a fit and healthy body is not magic science. You will just need a few things, knowledge, determination and hard-work. First, you must know the simple science behind exercising and nutrition. With that in hand, you must be determined enough to make “fitness” as part of your lifestyle. Then, you will need to work hard to achieve the ideal body you want, depending on your goals, because hard-work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

    8. What’s your mantra for living?

    I have two main mantras in life, the first one is “Dream. Create. Achieve. Inspire.” This literally means to have chase after your dreams, creating opportunities for yourself in order to achieve those dreams and inspire people around you to be just like you. The second one is “Kia Kaha” which means forever strong in Maori phrase. I use this to remind myself to always be strong no matter what happened in life. There might be challenges and obstacles in life, but I must be stronger than them, overcome them with strength from within.

    9. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve encountered in life and did you overcome it?

    My biggest challenge that I’ve encountered in life is to be a better version of myself because I always find flaws in myself, even until today. I am trying and working real hard to be the best of myself  in life. Hopefully, one day, I will manage to overcome it

    10. If you are given an opportunity to work /collaborate with a celebrity, who would it be and why?

    If I were given an opportunity to work/collab with a celebrity, it would be Arnold Schwarzenegger because he has inspired me in all sorts of way, from his physique during his prime time until his personalities.

    11. Do you have a favourite brand you would love work with and why?

    I actually do not have a particular favorite brand that I would love to work with, but I do hope that I can work with some well-known sports brands around the world (eg. Adidas, UA, Nike, etc.) because I simply love their designs and quality a lot.

    12. What do you do during your free time?

    I workout, play sports, watch reality shows, listen to musics and go travelling during my free time.

    13. If you are given a chance to build a business empire, which industry would you choose?

    If I were given a chance to build a business empire, I would definitely choose fitness industry, because there is where my passion lies.

    14. Any funniest thing that you’ve encountered in your life before? Share with us.

    There are so many funny things that I’ve encountered in life before, I actually don’t have any particular one to share, but I would like to remind everyone that happiness can be really simple in life, it doesn’t require money or possessions, so let’s smile and always be happy in life no matter what.

    15. If you have a magic ward, what is the one thing you would ask for and why?

    If I have a magic ward, the one thing I would ask for is definitely happiness for everyone in this world because I realized that human beings in general do not know what simple happiness is and are taking many things for granted in life. Hence, I would ask for happiness to be spread around the beautiful world so that everyone can feel happy in life.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaihan.gan.9

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gankaihan/


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