Kyle.M- Fashion is my passion

Kyle.M- Fashion is my passion

June 7, 2018
Janice Yong
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    Janice is a content writer and editor on Famehitz. She dedicates her time to create great content that revolves around Beauty, Fashion, Business and Fitness in hopes to inspire people from all around the world. Previously, she has participated actively in modelling and beauty pageants that make her more familiar with how creative industry works in general. On top of that, Janice also interviewed some of the renowned bloggers & talents that you can read up on Famehitz. In the near future, she aims to be a successful entrepreneur and contribute a helping hand to the society.

    1. Tell us about yourself.

    My name is Kyle Magri! I come form a small island called Malta and I’m 20 years old!

    2. What is your childhood dream? Did you make it happen?

    I don’t remember having a childhood dream but since I was 12 years old I aspired to become a fashion designer and it’s still getting there!

    3. Describe how you first get into being a Influencer? Is being a Influencer your full time job?

    I primarily got into being an influencer so help me for my future career! I work as a sales person in the leasing suiting company in Malta.

    4. Do you have other passion to pursue?

    My passion is fashion! I have opened myself to a couple of careers which are fashion influencer, fashion blogger, fashion model and aspiring designer!

    5. What type of Influencer you would describe yourself as?

    Mainly I’m a fashion influencer but recently I also started showing my lifestyle as well making me engage with my followers much better!

    6. What does the word success means to you?

    When people start to trust me, enjoy what I do and I see that whatever I’m doing I’m helping that, that is were I say u succeeded!

    7. What values are the most important to you?

    There are a lot but the trust from my followers is one of the most!

    8. If you are given a million dollars, what would you do with that money?

    I’ll manage them carefully, share them with my family and help them in their needs and then I’ll work on what I need.

    9. What is your proudest achievement or accomplishment you have achieved in life?

    So far I think it’s when I got awarded the “Staff Favourite” award on ViewBug on one of my photos took in Belgium!

    10. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers/influencers and why? Who would you love to collaborate with?

    Two influencers I love most are Tamara Webb and Danita Camilleri! They are two wonderful and hilarious influencers with great style! ❤️

    11. What would you say that is the biggest challenge about being a model?

    Definitely emerging out in the public and getting known!

    12.  If you have a magic ward, what is the one thing you would ask for and why?

    More relaxation and less stress haha!!

    13. What advice would you give to other aspiring influencers? Any general advice to those have big dreams?

    NEVER CHASE YOUR DREAMS BUT WORK FOR YOUR DREAMS!! Aim high and make sure to achieve them! No matter what happens don’t stop working for them!

    14. What do you wish for by the time you hit the age of 30?

    That hopefully I would have moved further in modelling and achieved my aspiring dream of becoming a fashion designer!

    15. What’s the impact do you want to have on the world?

    My aim is to make people more aware and comfortable when it comes to fashion! I think differently, I work out of the box and I want to create something different!



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