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April 18, 2018

1. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Nicholas Chia and I’ll be turning 18 this year. I’m currently doing my diploma in mass communication in KDU. I’m really sassy at times but I’d always try my best to be optimistic.

2. What is your childhood dream? Did you make it happen?

When I was young I’ve always dreamt of being in Broadway. I guess eventually I drifted away from that dream, so I guess I never got to make it happen.

3. Describe how you first get into being a social media influencer/blogger? Is being a social media influencer/ blogger your full time job?

I never actually knew what an influencer was before but it started from my content being catered towards the “gymnastics” and “cheer” audience. And back then, when I was flexible, bigger pages would feature me. It started from there and later on I started changing up my content and posted more aesthetic photos and eventually came up with a white theme. In my opinion content is so important not just on instagram but on YouTube or Pinterest. Being an influencer isn’t my full time job, I’d say it’s more of a part time thing. Im still studying as of now so I don’t work.

4. Do you have other passion to pursue?

Well I play the violin. As of now I play in a few orchestras and perform occasionally. Other than that, I bake during my free time. I’ve sold some of my brownies and cookies in the past. Other passions to pursue would probably be photography. I honestly love taking photos and I’d challenge myself day after day to take better photos.

5. What type of influencer/blogger would you describe yourself as?

I’d describe myself as a lifestyle and fashion influencer. I feel like my niche is pretty big and my posts ranges from fashion to my everyday life. But even so I’ve done reviews on skin care products and food.

6. What does the word success mean to you?

To me, the definition of success is achieving something I’d never thought I’d succeed in. It’s all about never being too complacent and always striving to be better at something.

7. What values are most important to you?

Honesty, loyalty and trust are probably the most important. Having that transparency and trust is probably the foundation in every relationship.

8. If you are given a million dollars, what would you do with that money?

I’d use that money to invest and as the number snowballs I would open my very own bakery. And if that’s a success I’d spend the rest on apparels, a camera and a violin.

9. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought in your life? and why?

The most expensive thing would be my violin. In my opinion, it’s because a violin doesn’t deteriorate as time passes but instead the wood starts seasoning which improves the quality of the sound. And I’d probably be able to use the violin for a lifetime. That’s of course if nothing bad happens to it.

10. What is your proudest achievement or accomplishment you have achieved in life?

One of my proudest achievements would most probably being able to learn the violin in such a short period of time. I started at the age of 14 and four years after I’m honestly so proud of how far I’ve come. I’ve done live TV gigs, played in orchestras and as of now I’m doing my diploma.

11. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers/ influencers and why? Who would you love to collaborate with?

One of them would probably be @meghanrienks. Her theme on her Instagram inspired me to start my white theme on Instagram. Another one would be @imdrewscott. His fashion honestly galvanizes me to dress better and he’s got a really quirky personality that makes me want to get to know him.

12. What would you say that is the biggest challenge about being a influencer?

I’d say one of the biggest challenges of being an influencer is making videos and just being authentic in general. I feel like this whole influencer thing is so superficial. everyone only sees what’s on the outside and when people actually meet you in real life, they’d assume you’ll be exactly how you are on social media which in most cases isn’t true.

13. If you are given a chance to invent something, what would it be?

I’d probably invent quantum teleportation. Even the thought of it excites me. Being able to teleport to places would save me so much time and I’d be able to travel to so many places in a blink of an eye. But I really hope sooner or later scientists would come up with a way to invent quantum teleportation.

14. If you have a magic ward, what is the one thing you would ask for and why?

I would wish for more wishes! Just kidding. If I was given just one wish I’d probably wish to posses the power of telekinesis. Life would be so much easier and of course it can be used for self defence. And just in general I’d be able to have mind over matter, and there’s matter all around us which means I’d be able to control just about anything.

15.  What is the one product/thing you can’t live without?

I’d definitely say my phone. I wouldn’t say I can’t live without it but a phone can do so much. It’s not just sending messages but calling myself an Uber or using it an a GPS and of course the very reason I’m writing this interview is due to my phone. Life wouldn’t be insignificant without our phones but it’ll definitely be more difficult.

16. What’s the best advice you have ever received?

The best advice I’ve ever received is to always be me and to strive to be a better person every day. It’s honestly so important that we all love ourselves because let’s be honest. Nobody’s gonna love you as much as you love yourself. It’s important that we cherish the little moments in our lives and just live life to the fullest.

17. What do you wish for by the time you hit the age of 30?

I definitely wish for a sustainable job. And of course living by my own with my very own house or condominium. Other than that, I’d hope that I would change to be a better version of myself.

18. What do you think is the purpose of life?

Well I think the purpose of life is to see how we can face the set of challenges we face every day and learn from those challenges to better ourselves. Life also presents us with a set of choices to make, and the choices you make now would shape that future of yours. Of couse, we can’t escape our destinies but we can shape them to our liking.

19. if you had a chance to receive a gift, what would you wish for and why?

I’d wish for something significant. Going on road trips perhaps or going on a food hunt. In my opinion these little things are so much more meaningful. You capture these tiny moments in photos and you look back at them and reminisce. This feeling of nostalgia is honestly unparalleled. But either way if someone did give me a gift I’d accept it wholeheartedly. After all, it’s the thought that counts is it not?

20. What advice would you give to other aspiring influencers? any general advice to those that have big dreams?

I’d tell them to honestly just be you. And content is everything. The better the content the more people would love your work. Always tune out all the hate you get. Not everyone is going to love what you post or what you have to say. To those that have big dreams, keep chasing them! And never let anyone tell you otherwise. You’d probably have your ups and downs but hey, that’s what shapes us to be a better versions of ourselves day after day.


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Nicholas Chia is currently doing diploma in mass communication in KDU. He describes himself as sassy at times but always try his best to be optimistic.


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Nicholas is a personal friend of mine - we played at the same orchestra, and I believe that the stylistic approach of yours when you are writing about him describes him really well.I am considering to look at this site more often now, the articles posted here are really interesting.

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