Sabrina Thevy- Veterinary doctor with a great purpose

Sabrina Thevy- Veterinary doctor with a great purpose

January 31, 2018

1. Tell us about yourself?

Hello there, so my name is Sabrina Thevy, 25 years old and I am a veterinary doctor. I am also a finalist of Miss Universe Malaysia 2018. So about myself I am actually a very friendly person, and also I am loud, loud meaning when I’m in any place or organisation I will be the loudest and craziest person around cracking jokes sometimes dumb jokes because I love to cheer people around me. I am an optimistic person who always looks at things in a positive way by thinking that the glass is half full rather than its half empty. Highlighting on my profession, yes I am an animal lover meaning animals of different kingdom. I have always had a soft spot for animals in my heart and one thing special with me is I have got massive bite from cat, dog, horse, cows , rodents and snakes. Talking about food, yes I am a foodie and I love exploring new trending culinary but I know eating without control makes you guilty because I am always concern with my body weight, so my concept is to eat which is gain and lose in the gym.

2. What is your childhood dream? Did you make it happen? What is your dream now?

My Childhood  dream is to be a veterinary doctor and be a beauty queen to inspire girls out there. By breaking all the obstacles that came across my journey today I’m a veterinary doctor and i’m a finalist of Miss Universe Malaysia 2018 which is one of hardest international pageant representing our country to the universe stage but I made it to the top finalist and today I am inspiring girls out there with my advocacy. It may be a small community of ladies that i’m inspiring but I believe this will spread through while time pass by because I want to make my life with a purpose.

3. What is your passion? What do you do for a living, is it related to your passion?

I have always had passion towards animals and also fashion industry. Passion towards animals I want to give the best for the animals to make sure the animals go through less suffering and people around practice welfare towards the animals and that is why I am a veterinary doctor  for a reason.  Fashion industry is another passion of mine since childhood, my mother used to say why are you using lipstick when I was a little girl, I even can sew my own clothes for all my barbie dolls at home using my old clothes. How creative can I be, I am enthusiast in fashion like I love dressing up and I want to make girls out there to be comfortable with their own skin and being yourself even trying out new colours or even new design clothes.

4. Share your experience in Miss Universe Malaysia 2018,why did you join in the first place? Given a chance would you participate again and why?

The most important thing I have gained in this pageant is the memorise I made with the organisation as well as my manager and national director, production team, with my pageant sisters and my sponsors. It was a great journey for me because this was a platform to show my country what I am made off and to inspire girls out there with my advocacy. I have gained many experience throughout my journey at Miss Universe Malaysia 2018 by finding out my weakness and strengthening my weakness to be a better public figure individual. Purpose of me joining this pageant is because I have always wanted to be a beauty queen since young by reflecting  beauty with brains. My mother was my inspiration she has thought me to always remember beauty is secondary brains is primary in a women, so when I first joined Miss Universe Malaysia in year 2010 I was just into semifinals which was top 50 I did not get to the finals that year, so i pursuit my studies abroad for 6 year in  veterinary medicine. After graduating in early 2017 I signed up for Miss Universe Malaysia 2018, and I got into top finalist, even though I am not a winner I want to try again but since the age limit it’s just 25 years old so i have no chance to join again but I believe this platform will take me into greater heights.

5. What does the word success means to you?

For me talking about success i always remember about sir sir Ravi Shankar he says even if you lose everything, but if you have confidence then you can recreate everything again and that is called success. Which reflects upon my life that I did not give up on Miss Universe Malaysia 2018, I came back and gave my best.

6. If you have been given a million dollar? What will you do with the money?

I will educate children from different backgrounds, because I believe every child needs education and education is not cheap. The importance of education is, it reduces the poverty of that country. I will definitely help the unfortunate people around and also I will provide a better  welfare  for the animals because I believe helping humans and animals have to be balance.

7. How do you keep up with such a great body? Any tips to your readers?

It is not easy maintaining your body weight and having a great body, especially living in a paradise of food it is super hard, for me I have to discipline myself in order to have a great body. Me personally I have this concept where I eat what I want but I need to go to the gym that week, its like you gain and you have to lose it at the same time so I eat well and at the end of the week, I will hit the gym for workout or zumba. My diet is more to less carbohydrate, more meat and vegetables and I drink green tea for detox and every week I must go to the gym.

8. What’s your mantra for living?

My living mantra is “All is Well”

9. What is your biggest challenge you’ve encountered in life? and did you overcome it?

I have always had stage fright and how did I overcome it standing on the stage during Miss Universe Malaysia 2018 in front of hundreds of people, thousands on media and yes I did it.

10. If you are given an opportunity to work /collaborate with a celebrity? Who could it be and why?

Thanuja Ananthan because she is a animal enthusiast, she helps out at the shelters and she is a ambassador of SPCA. So I am hoping for a chance to be just like her juggling in the industry and being a ambassador for animal shelter.

11. Do you have a favourite brand you will love to work with and why?

Yes Nike, because I love nike shoes and sports attire a lot. Since i’m into gym and healthy lifestyle promoting nike as a brand that keeps me working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

12. What do you do during your free time?

I love going to any coffee shop having a cup of coffee enjoying the environment by reading up on articles, looking up at social media, reading any interesting stories going around by just sipping on a nice cup of coffee.

13. If you are given a chance to build a business empire, which industry would you choose?

I would open up a animal hospital for all stray cats and dogs because I believe in helping out or the voiceless out there and also people who can’t afford on their medical expenses but they have passion towards animals. Fashion industry will be my next one, I would love to a ambassador of my own clothing line by hiring professionals to design clothes and even for pets.

14. Any funniest  thing that you’ve encountered in your life before? Share with us?

I have walked around a supermarket without slippers because my slipper strap ripped off and people was just starring at me until I bought a slipper at the supermarket.

15. If you had a magic wand . what is the one thing you would ask or and why?

To eradicate poverty in the world, because everyday people are dying because of hunger, without a job, going though depression. This must end to ensure all of us live in peace and make meaning to life. 


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    Sabrina Thevy is a veterinary doctor, a finalist of Miss Universe Malaysia 2018 and also a content writer on Famehitz. She is a very friendly person and also an optimistic person who always looks at things in a positive way by thinking that the glass is half full rather than its half empty. Highlighting on her profession, yes she is an animal lover meaning animals of different kingdom. She has a soft spot for animals at heart and one thing special about her is that she has got massive bites from cat, dog, horse, cows , rodents and snakes. Talking about food, she is a huge fan for food, a foodie! She loves exploring new trending culinary, of course with an active lifestyle to maintain a healthy body and mind.


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