thevanesh- A Dreamer & traveller!

thevanesh- A Dreamer & traveller!

March 14, 2018
Janice Yong
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    Janice is a content writer and editor on Famehitz. She dedicates her time to create great content that revolves around Beauty, Fashion, Business and Fitness in hopes to inspire people from all around the world. Previously, she has participated actively in modelling and beauty pageants that make her more familiar with how creative industry works in general. On top of that, Janice also interviewed some of the renowned bloggers & talents that you can read up on Famehitz. In the near future, she aims to be a successful entrepreneur and contribute a helping hand to the society.

    1. Tell us about yourself. 

    A dreamer & traveller!

    2. What is your childhood dream? Did you make it happen?

    I’ve always wanted to travel the world with the ultimate destination being New York. Have been travelling a lot since I left college but haven’t had the chance to go to the Big Apple yet.

    3. Describe how you first get into being a social media influencer/blogger? Is being a social media influencer/ blogger your full time job?

    To be honest I’ve never seen myself as an influencer. I talk for a living as an announcer & host.

    4. Do you have other passion to pursue?

    My main passion is talking and travelling. I have definitely done the talking part for a living but there more to achieve and as for travelling I think I am very much at my baby steps.

    5. What type of influencer/blogger you would describe yourself as? Any tips for being a successful influencer?

    I’m more of an Indian guy who surrounds myself with multiracial friends and I feel that I show more of my friends in my profile which is exactly what I am, a guy who has the fortune of awesome friends!

    6. What does the word success means to you?

    Being ultimately content with the present.

    7. What values are most important to you?

    Loyalty and trustworthiness.

    8. If you are given a million dollars, what would you do with that money?

    I guess settle whatever debts that I have and travel the world with the remaining cash.

    9. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought in your life? and why?

    My first car because my parents sold off my old car and I had no choice but to get a new one! hahaha….

    10. What is your proudest achievement or accomplishment you have achieved in life?

    The fact that now I can afford to pay for myself and my family when I wasn’t really independent back then.

    11. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers/ influencers and why? Who would you love to collaborate with?

    I would definitely love to work with Arwind Kumar because I love how he speak his mind out when it comes to certain issues.

    12. What would you say that is the biggest challenge about being a influencer?

    Maintaining the amount of followers and likes.

    13. If you are given a chance to invent something, what would it be?

    I wouldn’t invent anything but I would like to start a franchise of Cendol food truck in sunny beaches like in South of France or LA.

    14. If you have a magic ward, what is the one thing you would ask for and why?

    To let a special someone to learn to open her heart 😉

    15. What advice would you give to other aspiring influencers? any general advice to those have big dreams?

    Do what you love and slowly people will start following you for who you are.



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