Tripping Hong Kong

Tripping Hong Kong

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Andrew Yep
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Mar, 2017
Andrew Yep

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Andrew Yep is a Malaysia based Wedding & Portraiture photographer. My love for design and travel plays a big part in my photographie style. I like to work with natural lights, bathing and wrapping my subject with ray of natural sunlight to craft my artworks. This basic but distinctive style, produces soft and almost pastel touch to my artworks which I really love. Weddings, Destinations, Portraiture.

Hong Kong… one of my favourite city! My love for dim sum and egg tarts, toy hunting and shopping are some of the main reasons I have always yearn for a return to this bustling city. I fell in love with Hong Kong in twenty fourteen, and I was back here again in twenty sixteen. I grew up on HK dramas and movies, so this city really gives me that nostalgic feeling. I have met some of the most polite people in HK; some would beg to differ but so far my experience has been a good one! Hong Kong island and Kowloon are two very distinctive areas yet each has its own charm. There are a lot of touristy things to do, but it is when one does what the local does that’s truly immersive in both culture and experience. That’s how I like to travel… wherever it is.

There were more photos taken on my Iphone which weren’t featured here. You would have to dig deep into my Instagram for those.

Till next time… Here is a compilation of photos of Hong Kong from both my trips. Next up, is Tripping Macao!

The views from the Peak.

Tram. Hop on one to explore the HK island.

A man at work at Apliu Street, the electronic goods flea market.


268 steps to enlightenment. Po Lin Monastery at Lantau island.

My favourite, dim sum. Some of the best at One Dim Sum (Prince Edward), Sun Hing (Sai Wan) & Lin Heung Lau (Sheung Wan).

Old Hong Kong at Ocean Park.