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Andrew Yep
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Mar, 2017
Andrew Yep

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Andrew Yep is a Malaysia based Wedding & Portraiture photographer. My love for design and travel plays a big part in my photographie style. I like to work with natural lights, bathing and wrapping my subject with ray of natural sunlight to craft my artworks. This basic but distinctive style, produces soft and almost pastel touch to my artworks which I really love. Weddings, Destinations, Portraiture.

Macao is almost like a twin of Hong Kong as most people usually visit both at the same time. Yet, they are very very different; HK’s has a much faster pace while Macao is relatively slower and more relaxed. Macao is influenced by the Portuguese and Hong Kong is definitely more British due to their differing histories. Part of the charm of Macao are the old colonial buildings; it is as if Macao is trapped in time. Food-wise, I would prefer Hong Kong. However, Seng Cheong Crab Porridge, Gelatina Mok Yi Kei and Portuguese egg tart are some of the must-have for me!

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As you will see, there are almost no photos on food here. They are all on my Instagram but you will have to look into the older postings as this was in 2014.